Theme for The 3DX Collab 2019

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Desert Island / 38.46% / 5 votes
It's gonna be almost summer for the release of this set so, I think desert Island or bikini or wet women could be nice themes :)
Dragon Fantasy / 23.08% / 3 votes
Hilarious or awkward twist for "POPULAR DRAGON FANTASY SHOW"
Animate / 15.38% / 2 votes
MAKE IT MOVE - Collaboration between still artists and animators, where animators help still artists make their cherished OCs move (walking, talking, taking it in all their holes, etc..) Downside is various technical issues, like the need to sync runtimes in some way and not enough animators.
No Pain No Gain / 15.38% / 2 votes
clearly as the title says.
One Tree Planted / 7.69% / 1 votes
https://onetreeplanted.org/ I would like to see us just plant real trees.
Rivals/competition / 0.00% / 0 votes
Have renders of characters preparing or facing off against one another before a competition starts. Kind of like hyping up a fight before the main event. The competition the artist can choose themselves or have a main theme for all artists. Maybe something like Zoolander walk off.
Easter Theme / 0.00% / 0 votes
Something with Eastern would be intressting with Bunny Coslay and Eggplays (Egg Vibrator) ... Eastern is in 4 days but still maybe good idea.
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