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My vision of The 3DX Discord Server has been fading... a bit

When I created the 3DX Discord Server, I wanted it to be a place where artists and fans connected, a place where they could talk openly and freely about their ideas. It didn't have a #discussions channel to start with, because at first, I didn't think people would actually want to talk about politics, but someone thought it would be a good idea to create such, and then it was created, a rule also got applied (by another admin) to say "politics/religion goes to #discussions and stays in #discussions" and I am fine with that, but when people post under #gaming about how politicians are handling loot boxes or how Cyberpunk 2077 are portraying transgender people and it gets told to move it to #discussions... no, really, it is still game related and therefore belongs in the #gaming channel. It the main part of the post is still related to the subject of the channel it should be allowed to talk about it that channel. This is something I would like to see changed and I might need to put my server-owner-crown on and start demanding the changes.

I don't want our mods to be witch hunters, they have better things to do than sit the entire day reading messages from everyone. Let our members be free to speak and allow them to call @mods to action if a problem occurs. This will give both our members and moderators more freedom and I am pretty sure: less fear.

That being said, I also want more mods and admins, to be able to be around 24 hours a day, so that no matter which timezone you are in, there will be at least 1-2 moderators and 1 admin available. We have grown a lot on the active members count, it is time we grow as well.

So I created this little feedback form on Google to allow fans, artists, writers, and voice artists to be able to give us feedback for changes in an anonymous way, so please feel free to fill it out as much as you can! The more data we have, the better we can deliver.

We will have to say goodbye to some admin(s)/moderator(s) and "well, hello there" to some new admin(s)/moderator(s).

I wanted, for a long time to have, the admins/moderators to work together on ideas and to agree with changes, as a democracy, but it often seems like we cannot agree on much anymore and it has been pushing too much drama, negative tone and annoyance between us... It simply cannot be done as a democracy, when someone wants to push people into boxes and others wants to free them.

Remember: Have Fun & Render Hard!
- Clare3Dx

Vote for the Collaboration 2019 here

Vote here for The 3DX Collab 2019 theme!

Affect3D & #3DX Charity: Collaboration: Super Heroes - Raised...

L.E.W.D. raised $3,057.19 for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation! Your charitable efforts in helping to find a cure to breast cancer are just as heroic as the various (sexy) acts our superheroes performed in this series.

In addition, you raised $898.88 more for the American Kidney Fund through Tales of the Sexy Crypt. That brings us to a final total of $5,393.01! This remains Affect3D’s best charity fundraiser ever, and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Collaboration: Super Heroes - Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Charity3DX - making a better world with porn

This time we took the result from the poll and Super Heroes won, so we decided make the charity for Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Check out the official announcement at Affect3D!

Announcing the Affect3D + #3DX Charity Collaboration: Thank You!

Hey everyone. Thanks for enjoying Tales from the Sex Crypt! With your donations, we raised $4496.13 to the American Kidney Fund. That’s nearly 4500 smackers! It’s also Affect3D’s best charity drive ever! Woooooo 🎉🎊🎉

So let’s give thanks to all the artists who contributed, in alphabetical order, by giving them a follow, eh?

Also, send some love over to the organizers of the collab:

And last but definitely not least, raise your hands for the man, the myth, the legend behind the idea:


We hope you all enjoyed this, and look forward to seeing you again in 2018!

Check out the #3DX Discord!

Tales from the Sex Crypt is now available

at the Affect3DStore

Preview it here!


Witches, vampires, and futa, oh my! Being spooky has never been so sexy or charitable with the release of Tales from the Sex Crypt. It’s the first charity collaboration between Affect3D and the #3DX Discord community, hosted by Supro’s Zoey.

Tales from the Sex Crypt brings together some of the finest artists in the 3DX community to showcase what Halloween is all about: Ghoulish terrors, strange rituals, and dressing up with as little clothing as possible! Of course, having so little to wear can often lead to even sexier times, as you’ll see.

Enjoy 15 tales, covering 240 images from the following artists:

There is also bonus material from BryonSmothers and Max Smeagol!

All proceeds for Tales from the Sex Crypt will go to the American Kidney Fund. So you can feel good about being scared…and aroused!

About the American Kidney Fund: As the nation’s leading nonprofit working on behalf of the 30 million Americans with kidney disease, the American Kidney Fund is dedicated to ensuring that every kidney patient has access to health care, and that every person at risk for kidney disease is empowered to prevent it. AKF provides a complete spectrum of programs and services: prevention outreach, top-rated health educational resources, and direct financial assistance enabling 1 in 5 U.S. dialysis patients to access lifesaving medical care, including dialysis and transplantation. AKF holds the highest ratings from the nation’s charity watchdog groups, including Charity Navigator, which includes AKF on its “top 10” list of nonprofits with the longest track records of outstanding stewardship of the donated dollar, and GuideStar, which has awarded AKF its Platinum Seal of Transparency.

For more information, please visit KidneyFund.org.

Announcing the Affect3D + #3DX Charity Collaboration Project!

#3DX’s next collaboration is a biggie: We’re teaming up with Affect3D to create a spooky Halloween charity set, hosted by Intrigue3D’s Zoey! It will be available at Affect3D Store in October 2017. All proceeds benefit the American Kidney Fund.

Check out the official announcement at Affect3D!

Sign Up for the Collab Here!

Sign-ups run until August 30, images due September 30. So get crackin’!

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